Brake Repair Service

Krooz Automotive offers affordable brake and clutch Service in Carnegie, Hughesdale, Murrumbeena. Call us for brake service today!

Get Regular Brake and Clutch Service for Smooth Journeys

The most common ways to catch brake and clutch problems include situations like:
  • If you hear grinding or clinking noises when you apply brakes or press the clutch;
  • When the brake is too soft and presses without resistance - when the clutch is too hard and you have to press it too forward for it to get engaged;
  • When the clutch drags even after you have released it;
  • When your car jerks at every application of brake or gear shift;
  • When your car has excessive vibrations even on the smoothest of roads.
For all your brake and clutch problems, Krooz Automotive offers:
  • Brake and Clutch Service in Carnegie
  • Brake and Clutch Service in Hughesdale
  • Brake and Clutch Service in Murrumbeena
  • Brake Repair Service in Murrumbeena
  • Brake Service in Carnegie
  • Brake Service in Hughesdale.

Krooz Automotive provides thorough brake and clutch services so that you can travel safely, in peace. We believe that the brake and clutch are two of the most important components in your car that most car owners take for granted. Let us face it, every time we sit in the car, the thought of our car suffering from brake or clutch failure is the last thing that comes in mind. So, we do not pay attention to them unless they start giving problems.


We all know the safety hazards if car brake system starts giving your problem. Worst-case scenario - you could get involved in a fatal accident. By driving a car with faulty brakes, you are putting yourself and others in danger and therefore, it is recommended that you get your brakes serviced regularly. When you sit in the car, make it a routine to check your brakes before you roll out on the road. If you feel the brake being excessively soft, avoid driving and call us at Krooz Automotive. We will pick up your car and take it in for brake repair.

Even if you feel your brakes are working fine, double check by testing them out at low speed when you start moving. Similarly, make it a routine to press your clutch to ensure it is working fine as soon as you sit inside your car - before you start moving. If you feel you need to press it too far or too hard, it is better to be cautious and give us a call so we can take your car in for clutch repairs.

Most clutch problems are associated with clutch disks - because they wear out with excessive usage. Clutch problems will make your car lose its ability to accelerate properly. It will also ruin your car's gas mileage.

You can stay away from all sorts of brake and clutch worries with our premium quality brake and clutch repair and maintenance services. So whether you are in Carnegie, Hughesdale or Murrumbeena, contact us and we will take your car in for brake and clutch service and repair!