Roadworthy Certificate

Krooz Automotive is a licensed RWC tester offers affordable roadworthy certificate in Murrumbeena, Bentleigh & Hughesdale.

Being a licensed road worthy certificate tester, Krooz Automotive can help you in determining a car's road worthy! Whether you are planning on buying a car or are planning on selling one, be an owner of a road worthy certificate and ensure your safety and the safety of others.

An ill-maintained car poses a threat not just to you but also to others. It is important that a car is well maintained so that you can enjoy a smooth peaceful journey. And what better way to determine whether a car is safe to be driven than a road worthy certificate!

Our road worthy certificate is issued to cars that qualify an extremely detailed inspection of their interior and exterior. Our detailed inspection includes examining of:
  • The car's wheels, tyres, wheel rims, usage, etc.
  • The complete lighting system including, headlights, taillights and all emergency and warning lights
  • The condition of safety equipment present inside the car, such as seat belts and air bags
  • The condition and stability of seats
  • The stability and condition of windshield and other windows
  • The strength of the body and inspection of any damages to the body that may pose serious threat to safety
  • All automatic systems in the car
  • Engine system, coolant system, cooling fan, etc.
  • Braking and clutch system, fluids and fluid leakage


Once the car passes in all these tests, it is issued a road worthy certificate. You can trust us to do a thoroughly superior quality job because we are a licensed roadworthy certificate tester in Hughesdale, Murrumbeena and other local areas. We will make sure to do a good job because your safety comes first.

Putting cars that are not well maintained on the road is a serious lack of responsibility and it is important to have a controlling mechanism that stops such vehicles from entering the roads. Our roadworthy certificate in Murrumbeena does just that! It discourages any car that may pose a threat to the passengers and to others on the road to be driven.

So make sure that if you are planning to sell your car, get it a roadworthy certificate first so that it communicates to potential buyers that it is safe to be driven on the road. Even if you are not planning to sell your car, get it inspected for a roadworthy certificate so that you can be sure that your car is safe for travel.

Be responsible and play your part in making driving safe for yourself, your passengers and the others on the road. Let us at Krooze Automotive provide you with a roadworthy certificate in Murrumbeena and make your life safer and your journeys enjoyable!

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